Hospital Management System

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What is Hospital Management System?

Hospital Management System is prepared to manage all hospital operations and used for Multi-Specialty hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc. It is comprehensive and customizable to fulfill every need of the hospital. It is necessary to come out from traditional approaches and paperwork and start using advanced technologies to save your time and money. Electronic medical record Systems helps to improve the quality of patient care and revenue at your fingertips.

Most of the hospitals are using CCTV and Biometric Attendance System which can support Android and iOS App. We can import all the data and manage the attendance of all the staff. There is no possibility to manipulate the records because the records are encrypted and secured. Implementation of Ehmspro will help you to reduce all the paperwork which directly reduces the manpower and cost as well.

Hospital Management System

Features Overview

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Patient Registration

To book doctor's appointment online and access account patient can register.

Appointment & Scheduling

Doctor's can schedule appointment and set as per convenience and check daily appointment.

Outpatient Management

There is option to mange OPD and casualty. Doctors can check outpatient bill and payment details online.

Inpatient Management

There are many details as per there need. Account department can create invoice and calculate billing.

OT Management

The module is useful to find operation theater's availability and book.

Discharge Summary

It offers to give patient details such as admit, operation/surgery, treatment, etc.

Accouting and Billing

Module will help to calculate all type of earning and expenditure and get balance sheet.

Payroll Management

Module offers payment, leaves, scale and other details of all the staff working in hospital.

Pharmacy Management

The module help to get details of available hospital medicine use, return purchase and expiry etc.

Smart Pricing

Flexible & Easy Pricing As Per Hospital Need!

Basic Package

  • Domiain
  • Unlimited Server Sapce
  • 1 Years License
  • Phone & Email Support

Silver Package

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  • Domiain
  • Unlimited Server Sapce
  • 1 Years License
  • Phone & Email Support

Gold Package

  • Domiain
  • Unlimited Server Sapce
  • 1 Years License
  • Phone & Email Support

Platinum Package

  • Domiain
  • Unlimited Server Sapce
  • 1 Years License
  • Phone & Email Support

HMS Overview

Online Appointment, User Wise Report, Laboratory, Inventory, pharmacy Management, Easy to customize, Doctors Scheduling, Patients Register and Management, Mobile Friendly Design, Website integration, All Browser Support, Accounting and Billing System, Insurance system and also offers Automation, Security and Quality.

hospital automation system documentation

The hospital automation system offers not only to take care of functional aspects of the entire hospital but also increase revenue and security. It also provides a single point of control of Medicare Center and reduces hospital operating costs so that the management can spend more to and concentrate on patient care. It offers reliable storage and backup facilities to store your valuable data more secure. Hospital management software manage and tracks all the details from single point of control.

hospital mangement system demo

One of the most exclusive HMS software offers clinical intelligence, quality patient, and family-centric care, The application is suitable for all type of hospital from small clinic to major multispecialty health centers. Easily customizable control and analytics to track and manage your expenditures, utilization, and income.

Hospital management software